Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on the Island of Brač. A number of archaeological sites encapsulate Bol's rich history, and together with various monuments and museum collections, forms its cultural and historical heritage. In the past, Bol was mainly a settlement of wine-growers and fishermen, while today it is a renowned tourist destination. The island’s climate is mild and pleasant with as much as 2700 hours of sunshine per year.

Bol is situated in the southern part of the Island of Brač at the foot of Vidova gora mountain (Vidova Mountain), which is the island’s highest peak and at the same time the highest point of all the Adriatic islands (778 m). Bol abounds in appealing sandy beaches with the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) being one of the most attractive beaches of the Adriatic coast. The sea is crystal clear, dark blue in colour, and as it becomes shallower it transforms into a light blue to emerald green hue.

The scent of the Mediterranean, a product of its sea and vegetation, the sun, the chorus of the crickets and the lapping waves…. together create perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation. With beautiful scenery and a wealth of activities, each visitor is bound to find something in Bol to suit their taste. Bol offers cultural events, numerous sporting possibilities, relaxing walks, excellent gastronomy, locally made products and a wide range of excursions.

All told, Bol encompasses the true spirit of Mediterranean atmosphere, making for an unforgettable vacation.

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