House Tomislav

Reservation enquires

Apartments Tomo - Bol (House Tomislav)
Contact person: Marinković Tomislav
Address: Iza lože 2, 21420 Bol, Croatia
mob +385 (0) 98 369 565
tel/fax +385 (0)51 226 141
tel/fax +385 (0)51 513 640

The correspondence is possible to obtain in Croatian, English, Slovenian and Italian.

Reservation procedure

Reservation requests can be made through this web site (by filling in the contact form and/or by sending an e-mail message). For the reservation to become valid, an advanced payment, as stated in the email from Apartments Tomo, needs to be made.
The advance payment can be done by any of the following methods: ONLINE (credit card payment) or OFFLINE (bank transfer payment).
The amount of advance payment, together with the time frame in which the payment needs to be made for the reservation to be valid, will be specified in the email you will receive by Apartments Tomo. After the payment has been made, it is necessary to forward payment confirmation to Apartments Tomo either by e-mail or by fax message. Upon the receipt of the payment confirmation (by e-mail or by fax message) and after making sure your payment has been made according to the agreed terms, you will receive by e-mail a voucher and all the necessary information.

Payment terms

Personal data protection policy

Renter Apartments Tomo-Bol is obligated to protect personal data of its guests/apartment users, in a way that only necessary, basic data for the fulfilment of our obligations is collected; Renter Apartments Tomo informs its guests upon the way the collected data is going to be used, regularly provides its guests with the opportunity to choose how their data is going to be used, including the possibility to choose whether their name should be or not a part of lists used in marketing campaigns. All the user data is highly protected and available only to the employees that need the data for conducting their job. All the employees of the Apartments Tomo – Bol and business partners are responsible to adhere to the personal data protection policy.

General terms & conditions